Why use this module?

State of modern web development

As modern web techniologies progress and create new standards, developers' expectations go along them. For last few years we could observe a constantly growing need for fast, efficient and reliable front-end experiences that are stable and sustainable but also flexible and easy to modify and update.

There is also a well-known requirement from website owners to have intuitive and user-friendly CMS platform enabling them to seamlessly work with their website's content.

Having these requirements in mind, we decided to create Vue.js + Wordpress module answering all of these needs. This module is especially dedicated to:

  • Vue.js developers willing to use WordPress as a back-end/CMS platform for their app/website

  • WordPress developers willing to level up their development & theming process by applying JAMstack approach with Vue.js as a main front-end technology.

Tradition vs Modernity

The traditional process of creating WordPress-based websites includes creating a theme written by a set of rules and standards that are very specific and unique for this platform. That means you have to know both PHP and WordPress PHP to be able to create front-end experiences for WordPress. It can be very limiting, especially in cases where:

  • You want to implement newest web technologies and features like PWA or AMP

  • You don't know PHP / WordPress well enough to create your own theme

  • You want to have 100% freedom of working with WordPress data

  • You want to develop a highly custom front-end experience that only uses WordPress data for some parts of it

Ease of use

Vue Wordpress module comes with set of essential features that enable you to immediately kick-off your new project thanks to out-of-the-box WordPress Page/Post/Media/Menus handling and automatic Vuex data storage. You can read more about module's core features here.

Faster development

Do more in less time. Thanks to out-of-the-box functionalities and modern web app development flow you can drastically increase your efficiency and shorten development time.

Extreme flexibility

This might be a biggest game-changer and main deal-breaker – there is no better way to achieve infrastructure flexibility than separating back-end from front-end. Thanks to this you can focus solely on either of these or both of them. What's most interesting is that with this module you are free to use one front-end app with many different WordPress back-ends and vice-versa - one WordPress back-end with many front-end apps.


With this module you can create fully customizable Vue.js/Nuxt.js apps using WordPress as their back-end while having full flexibility and freedom to create a tailor-made configurations.