Go to your app's main directory and run:

npm install @vue-wordpress/core


yarn add @vue-wordpress/core

Go to your app's main.js/main.ts file, import the module catalog and register it:

import Vue from "vue";
import store from "./store";
import Wordpress from "@vue-wordpress/core";

Vue.use(Wordpress, {
  url: "",
  lang: "en",
  menus: ["main-menu", "footer-menu"],




language of the website (two letter label)

There are a few possibilities with menu. However, you must remember to install WP-REST-API V2 Menus because by default, menus are not accessible on API.

  • If you want to fetch each wordpress' menu.
    You do not even need to put menus key inside config object. It is default setting.

  • If you want fetch only certain menus. You should provide slugs as value. It can be string for one menu, and array of strings for few arrays.

menus: "my-slug";
// OR
menus: ["my-slug", "other-menu", "diffrent"];
  • If you want to disable fetching menus (one request less). You should set menus to false
menus: false;


If you want to add prefix to each request - e.g. language prefix, you can set this attribute. It is optional. Example:

requestPrefix: 'en'

The result would be /en/wp-json/wp/v2/pages.


Store is an instance of Vuex Store

That is all. Now you can use VueWpJson module!

Optional parameters


You can set global title template for your meta titles. Example: title = "My title" titleTemplate = "%s - YuCom"

In result, as title we will see: "My title - YuCom".


Go to your app's main directory and run:

npm install @vue-wordpress/nuxt


yarn add @vue-wordpress/nuxt

Create Vuex Store in your application if it does not exist. You can do it by creating index.js file in store directory and put there content like:

export const state = () => ({});

export const mutations = {};

export const actions = {};

Open nuxt.config.js and add @vue-wordpress/nuxt in modules. You also have to provide config. There are 2 possible approach.
First one:

modules: [
      url: "",
      lang: "en",
      store: true

Second one:

modules: [
wpJson: {
  url: '',
  lang: 'en',
  store: true

As we cannot access Store from nuxt.config.js we have to set it as true. Our module will do the job an inject them other way.

Inside build in transpile we have to tell Nuxt to transpile Vue Wp Json core module.

build: {
  transpile: ["@vue-wordpress/core"];

That is all. Now you can use NuxtWpJson module!

Vue Storefront

Go to your theme's main directory and run:

npm install @vue-wordpress/core


yarn add @vue-wordpress/core

Go to your vue-storefront's modules catalog and clone the repository with the module.

cd ../vue-storefront/src/modules;
git submodule add;

This will create a Git Submodule for your vue-storefront repository. Thanks to that you will be able pull for new updates 😃

After that, add module to modules/index.js:

import { WpJson } from "./vsf-wp-json";


export const registerModules: VueStorefrontModule[] = [
  // ...
  // ...

Open config file, then at the end of main object add:

"wordpressCms": {
  "url": "",
  "lang": "en",
  "menus": ["for-buyers", "footer"]