Base components

There are a few Base components which we created for developers to make process of rendering data easier.


It renders the simplest possible ul > li > a/router-link structure, based on provided slug.

Where is it?:


Description of props:

slug: String - slug of menu to display (should be also provided inside of config)
showDescription: Boolean - should it display paragraphs with description? (p)

Component will automaticly choose if link is external/internal and by that create a or router-link. Menu can contain any depth level. However, original Wordpress Rest Menu plugin supports only one depth level. We will share our forked version soon.


There we can show any fetched media by ID. Currently, it supports videos and images.

Where is it?:


Description of props:

id: Number : index of medium

Component will automaticly recognize whether it is Video or Image and load proper component (BaseVideo/BaseImage).

Feel free to use listeners and attributes on BaseMedia.